IN Magazine Interviews Our CEO

The owner and founder shares the benefits of a unique anti-aging massage…

Opening a new business during a worldwide pandemic has its own challenges…but Amanda Jeppesen was up to it. She recently opened Sous La Face Skin Restoration Studio just north of Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood, with a mission to restore your skin to its natural youthful state, reviving your microbiome.

The inspiration for Sous La Face came after three different summers of Jeppesen travelling through Spain, Italy and England. “After travelling through Europe, I stumbled upon a historic-meets-modern form of facial sculpting,” she says. “I was so passionate about this finding and so excited that I decided to bring it to Toronto.”

The principle? Your face is sculpted from within by fingers that are literally plunged into your mouth. It’s an innovative approach that brings an immediate and non-invasive anti-aging response, ideal for those who don’t want to resort to hyaluronic acid injections or Botox.

To educate herself further on the seemingly magic techniques she had seen, Jeppesen headed to Germany and New York to further educate herself on face sculpting and intrabuccal (inside the cheek) massaging. “The transformation happens beneath the face – sous la face – where we work intensively with the muscles to release tension, increase blood flow, stimulate collagen and engage the lymphatic system,” she explains.

One of the offerings that Jeppesen is most excited about is Sous La Face’s trademarked Radical Radiance Regime, which came to life for Jeppesen in the beginnings of a midlife crisis that turned into a midlife awakening. The treatment uses micro-electrical currents to stimulate the muscles to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. “We massage inside the mouth to deeply release the tension held within the face,” she explains. The benefits of the procedure include the release of tension headaches, jaw clenching, neck pain and sleep disturbances, and the removal of toxins and fluids to lift the face and rediscover your cheek bones and jaw line.

The studio is a safe space that also offers other skin rejuvenation services that help revive self-confidence.

“Starting a new business is an up and down roller coaster like I could have never imagined, and then throw a pandemic on top of that! I could have folded but said fuck it, and decided to go for it,” says Jeppesen. “The pandemic gave me the time to start a quiet rebellion against the norms of our current beauty industry.”

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