SLF Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

60 Min SLF Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage stimulates and activates your lymphatic system, draining water retention, eliminates toxins by helping to boost your Immune system. This treatment helps with blood circulation and post operative fluids, making you feel lighter with less pain. The additional benefits of body sculpting and activating your metabolism.


  • What area does it treat?

    It treats the entire body. Before the session, we discuss your goals and focus on a targeted area.

  • How quickly will I see results?

    Right after the first session.

  • Will it hurt?

    It should not hurt. You might feel tension and sensitivity in parts of your body that retain water, although you will feel lighter on those areas after the treatment.

  • Is there any downtime?

    There is no downtime. We suggest waiting 24 hours for your body finish the detox process in the lymphatic system. Your body is smart and it will tell you when you are ready for the next session.

  • Is this treatment right for me?

    This treatment is right for anyone that is looking to improve health and wellness overall. We discuss and focus on your goals for your body. The benefits of this treatment are improved body flow and circulation, improved cellulite appearance and smoothed skin, reducing inflammation, eliminating bloat and constipation, detoxing the body from toxins, faster and proper recovery after a surgery, relaxation, stress reduction, improvement in the quality of sleep, boosting the immune system and looking slimmer.

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